About Us

About Us

RSolutions Learning Academy is a dynamic and leading edge learning experience. " We can be knowledgeable with other men's knowledge but we cannot be wise with other men's wisdom." - Montaigne.

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. The world is now changing so fast that the only advantage any individual can have is his or her ability to learn.

RSolutions Learning Academy has evolved from RSolutions, driven by practical necessity of making profoundly new contributions to human social and economic well being.

RSolutions is in the IT Industry for 21 + years now, and we have been consistently delivering the deepest and most authentic Web -Technology Solution Developments and providing services to our clients.

Over 1500 successful projects speak about our Sustainability & Growth in the business world that is constantly changing.

RSolutions Learning Academy opines that, soft skills complement technical skills or technical requirements for a candidate seeking a job. RSolutions Learning Academy aims at 360 degrees alignment between these two areas and preparing industry ready candidates which will bridge the skill gap in the industry today and contribute to creating a knowledge economy. In the current globally competitive and highly dynamic job market, being industry ready is even more important to graduates, but the general education curriculum continues to be tangential to those needs. That is why; RSolutions Learning Academy plans to assist education institutes / universities by becoming their knowledge partners in due course of time.

This will prepare students to be "industry ready" professionals from day one of their career. At the same time, the industry is benefited by having to invest less on training and skilling candidates which takes time and affects their bottom-line.


RSolutions Learning Academy has clearly identified the GAP between what is expected and the outcome.

RSolutions Learning Academy has evolved from RSolutions, driven by practical necessity of making profoundly new contributions to human social, knowledge and economic well being. RSolutions Learning Academy aims at creating talent bank filled with knowledge economy.

It is no longer clear what knowledge and skills will be relevant to the rapidly changing needs of business,what is clear that that business will need better learners. RSolutions Learning Academy aims to prepare today's young people to be effective change agents and navigators of technology-rich and knowledge-intensive world.


RSolutions Learning Academy's vision is to "Create Leaders Who Can Translate Strategy into Results and Core Values into Day-to-Day Behaviour"


Mission is to "Raise the Current Reality towards the Vision".

Our Values

Inspire. Energiz. Learn.


In survey after survey, corporate executives and the heads of their human resources departments say that they are looking to hire college graduates with well-developed writing, oral communications, and interpersonal skills and with global cultural awareness and understanding, whatever the graduates' majors might be. At the same time, these surveys suggest that employers have identified a deficit of these skills among college graduates.

"While many businesses understand the value of hiring liberal arts graduates, many hire IT majors and then lament that their new employees lack the most important quality they seek: communications skills." Students, assuming that employers are interested only in their majors, frequently dismiss their general education courses.

RSolutions Learning Academy opines that, soft skills complement hard skills (technical), which are the technical requirements of a job. RSolutions Learning Academy aims at ALIGNING (360º), above requirement and will create talent bank filled with Knowledge Economy. The Renaissance of the 12th century was a bridge between the Middle Ages and the Modern era.

RSolutions Learning Academy is a bridge between aspiring people and Industry. There are several indications that all institutions imparting technical education will begin to face scrutiny about "gainful employment" and the value of a degree in the marketplace. Students are failing to land even entry-level jobs that match the skills they have trained for.

In the current globally competitive, highly dynamic environment, job preparation is even more important to students, and the general education curriculum can appear tangential to those needs. General education has been defined both as a curriculum for broadening the mind—one of the hallmarks of an educated person—and as a way to prepare for active participation as a citizen.

RSolutions Learning Academy, in this regard has plans to assist the education institutes / universities by becoming their knowledge partners in due course of time. RSolutions Learning Academy can play a critical role in helping new models of education and instruction reach even higher levels of outcome. RSolutions Learning Academy offers to be "knowledge partners" of desiring college/universities.

Thus as an extended academic program, RLA can offer industry specific professional & SME training- in a simulated corporate environment with the fast changing landscapes of technology, environment and economy.

This will condition the student to be "industry ready" professional from the day one of his professional career. On the other hand, industry is benefited by less investment on their fresh employees with respect to training and time.

Key People

Mr. Badal Raja

Co-Founder | Managing Director | CEO

Badal Raja founded RSolutions in 1999 with an objective of providing optimized and cost- effective IT solutions to its clients and putting a smile on their faces. His acumen, experience and understanding of diverse markets and his style of leadership, which blends empowerment with accountability, enables innovation and foster excellence. He has a long-term vision for the company which has helped RSolutions expandinto new horizons.

Badal's in-depth understanding of the Indian markets and its behaviour has helped customers to achieve top line growth and bottom line improvements.

Badal’s technical and managerial achievements have been honored and recognized by the industry and business leaders. The company has been received the
“Business Excellence Award for the most promising Web development company”  for two consecutive years.

Ms. Shikha Badal

Co-Founder | Executive Director | Head of Finance

Apart from holding the vital portfolio of Executive Director and Head of Finance, Mrs. Shikha Badal is also the co-owner of RSolutions Global. As an integral part of the company, Shikha's contribution involves design of the overall business strategy, and providing inputs for operational excellence.

She also has flair for creative designing and teaching and a passion for Indian Folk Arts. She promotes the folk arts through her website www.indianfolkarts.com


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